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Getting Started with nRF24L01+ on Arduino

Sono arrivati anche questi modulini per la trasmissione radio del segnale, sono proprio curioso di vedere come me la cavero’ a mettere in pratica quanto segnalato dal blog qui in link


RF24 Getting Started - Finished Product

Nordic’s nRF24L01+ 2.4GHz RF radios are a great way to communicate wirelessly between Arduino’s. They’re cheap, and powerful. Unfortunately, they can be a little daunting to beginners to get started. Today, I want to make it easy for total beginners to get up and running on nRF24L01+ radios quickly and easily.

Stuff we need

First, we have to go shopping. A great place to start is the iTeadStudio store. Here’s what you need. Obviously, you’ll want to buy two of the radios and protoboards because what good is a radio that can only talk to itself?

Reasonable substitutes for this stuff can also be found at Sparkfun if…

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